3 DAYS OF NOTHING!! Get Inspired

For the past three days i haven’t really done anything, shot any photos, gone out, done any work. I haven’t done anything really. Just laid in bed really soaking in the mood of the weather (very gloomy).

So in order to get myself out of that mood i decided i would search for some ripe imagery to lighten the mood and expand our imaginations. FIrst though I thought i would pay tribute to people who make me very happy in life so bare with me please.

The Mother

The Love interest

The (good) best friend

The Weird One and the Awesome One (female = awesome)

Then we move on to the artists that inspire me and the ones i think everyone should know.

Chase Jarvis

My all time favorite commercial photographer Chase Jarvis responsible for the best camera (an app, book and site totally dedicated to iphonography) and creative live, which is the most useful tool to any young creative starting out. It offers live, free tutorials almost every weekend taught by the world’s leading creatives. Must check out.

Lastly he is in charge of songs for eating and drinking. Its where he invites musical talents from various genres to perform in exchange for, well food, hence, songs for eating and drinking. He’s pretty amazing and inspires me daily.

Here are a few images he produced.

David Nightingale

Anyone looking at David Nightingale’s work will consider him a photoshop expert. He is truly an immense visual artist. Check out his work at chromasia.com but just as a sampler.

Joey L.

No Idea what he looks like

Does twilight shots……enough said right? Check out his site Joey L

So today I’ve offered up 3 photographers worth your looking at. I hope you like em as much as I do.


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