Photos to Inspire 1/8/2012

I tend to do a lot of roaming about the internet looking for great artists and photographers to “steal” from.

The more great content you take in the more you begin to produce great content by trying to reverse engineering whatever you’ve seen and no, it’s not plagiarism it’s learning.

If you don’t believe me then here is an example, when learning to write we look at a standard way of writing each letter and try and make it ourselves. It is through that attempting to reverse engineer how the letters are formed that we begin to learn how to write ourselves hence from this day forward i will look around the net for interesting images for you to view and then relate them to you here for the stealing.

Lets start of with the My Better Half series from Amanda Jane Jones. It’s really a cool concept of showing couples together with little facts about each partner.

You can check out here full gallery and the series at

This one from……..well i really don’t know, its portraits of people……using people

Here is a few from photographer Martin Stavars of South Korea. Check him out he has some pretty interesting work going on.

And these last ones come from me 🙂

Enjoy the Day


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