Are we Emancipated? (Jamaica 50)

Today marks the 50th anniversary  of emancipation for Jamaica and they have brought out all the stops for this grand age of a country……….too bad it looks like its about to rain on our parade (literally).

Anyways after 50 years how far has my country gotten actually? Well i think a tweet by Tanya Stephens this morning sums it all up

Woulda love to say happy emancipation day! Can y’all please hurry up n emancipate urselves so I can do it without being a hypocrite? Thanx!
8/1/12 9:23 AM

It’s very true that many Jamaicans still live under the oppressive thinking that was forced into our ancestors centuries ago, still many cannot perform or just do an action without the proverbial “whip” over their head.

We still have many who hold other races and cultures above our own. Employers still seek the fairer skinned to hire and the police still brutalize the darker of our population.

its about time we listen to Bob Marley who said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Lets move forward as nation and put the ways of the past behind us.


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