How commercials inspire

Over my two decade presence on the planet i have witnessed the advent of some incredible visual feast from companies wanting to push their brands out there.

These ads however sometimes manage to do more than let us think of their brand but more so change our way of thinking all together so in the spirit of those companies and ads that inspire is my list of five such ads.

THE FIRTS of these visual inspiration comes from the behemoth of inspiration for athletes NIKE with the thought, greatness is in everyone being its focus.

“Greatness isn’t reserved for the chosen few in one special city, it can also be found in London, Ohio, and London, Norway, and East London, South Africa,          and Little London, Jamaica, and Small London, Nigeria and the London Hotel and London Road and anywhere else someone is trying to find it.”



THE SECOND comes from my absolute favorite company, Apple. Apple has always innovated and pushed ahead of the pack and this advert pay homage to that legacy and the legacies of like minded individuals throughout history.



THIRDLY the next ad comes from the sponsor of every and any sport you can think of, Red Bull. Red Bull has always believed in one simple thing, push it to the edge


FOURTH comes a very interesting ad from Heineken. Remember, its not a beer, its a compass……navigate wisely.


THE  LAST from Gatorade isn’t really inspirational but rather cool because……well…..Common is narrating.

There are a lot of ads out there that inspire or humor us, these were my picks let me know your own in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “How commercials inspire

  1. Cool beans! My fav ad has got to be the Nike one though! Why? Because I am using my crappy ass blacberry and I can’t watch the other ones. -_-‘

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